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Processing premium fee application for L1A Visa

Chicago, IL |

I hired a lawyer to prepare and submit the L1A visa application. The application was submitted. He wants to charge me an extra $250 fee for submitting the Premium Processing Service application for the L1A visa.

I talked to another lawyer who said that she can prepare and submit the premium processing application at no cost, only shipping cost. So, are there any implications for submiting this application using a different lawyer? can I keep using the original lawyer so can con finish his job in the case I am requested more evidence?


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Attorney answers 1


I would stick with the original lawyer. You should ask him/her to waive the $250 since it only takes a minute. Why doesn't he include it with the overall price? Unless you decided to premium process after submitting the petition. Your lawyer should still not charge extra because he/she probably made enough from the L1 petition.