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Process for filing lawsuit to collect on unpaid promissory note under CA collection laws, can i also get attorney's fees

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I lent friends a large sum of money. They signed a promissory note and did not pay back the money when it was due. If I file a lawsuit, what are my chances of recouping the money, how long would it take and would they be responsible for my attorney and court fees?

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You can sue the person to recover the money. If the amount is under $7,500, you can sue in small claims court. If you do that, email me at for my e-book on small claims court. If it is over $7,500, you should sue in superior court. You should talk to an attorney about that. You may have to retain an attorney or ask for an attorney to consult with you. Your chances of collecting are probably slim, however.

As for attorneys fees, you probably cannot recover attorneys fees, but you can recover court fees.