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Procesing time throu green card holder

Parkston, SD |

my husbend live in Usa he have green gard if he sponser me how much procesing time

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As an FB-2A, its not the processing time wait, it is the 2-3 year visa priority date wait that you need to monitor.

713-772-2300. All information provided is general in nature. Please consult with an immigration attorney with full details of the case.


It depends what country you are from. Use this chart online to determine the wait taimes: . It is the Visa Bulletin issued by the Department of State. F-2A is the category but each country has different wait times... Good luck.


You haven't given us sufficient information to guide you. We'd need to know when you filed the I-130 and your country of origin. This would give us a better set of facts with which to work.

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