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Procedure for transferring probation to another county in Florida

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My boyfriend is currently serving the last 9 months of a 6 year sentence for vehicular man slaughter and leaving the scene of an accident. At the end of his sentence, he receives 10 years of probation. He is scheduled to return to Lee County, Florida, where his parents live. He is currently in a work release program in Broward County, Florida. What is the procedure for him to have his probation transferred so he can continue to live in Broward county? He has a job here and will be able to live with me.

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His probation officer should be able to help him get it transferred. It may have to be approved by the court.

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When he gets out, he is going to tell them where he lives. Probaion will set it up so he can do his probation there. It is a simple matter and all he needs to do is talk to the probation officer.


If he is in a Work Release program, he should have a probation officer assigned to him already. As such, he just needs to let his PO know where he will be living so the PO can verify the residence.

In the rare instance that he cannot just start his probation in Lee County, he should be able to get travel permits to allow him to travel to Lee County until the probation is fully transferred.

Richard E. Hornsby

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