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Procedure for seeking emergency temporary child custody in FL

Orlando, FL |

Lets get real here and go straight to the point. My gaughter is 13 yr old and she lives with her father. 6 yrs ago I asked him for help and he agrreed. before I knew it I was in court and I agrreed to temp custody. Over the years he has limited my time with her and has held so much hostility abd hatred. 6 years has pass and Destinee is wanting to be with her mother.. Of course, there r other reasons like grades suffereing...etc However, my bIGGEST concern is that Destinee has been in her fathers home for six years. In addition, he nakes it difficult for me to see her by only allowing every othe weekend. Here r a few notes: MEDIATION WAS UNSUCCESSFUL... a EMERGENCY MOTION FOR TEMP CUSTY IS SET 2 WEEKS FROM NOW. WHAT CAN i DO THAT WILL INCREASE MY CHANCES OF WINNING?? WHAT DO jUDES LIKE??? i DOHAVE great job - he DOESNT EVEN WORK????

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The single most important thing you can do is get a lawyer. If you can't afford one there are surely programs for people like you who will provide you a lawyer. Otherwise you stand a good chance of being unsuccessful in changing sometime that has worked for 6 years.

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