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Probation violation/Misdemeanor/Philadelphia?

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Lets say my mother is going to die soon, i HAVE to go out of state/county of Philadelphia but i was denied permission to leave by my PO(On probation for a MIS. 3 of simple assault) And lets say i left and didnt show up to my next PO check in date, would i be charged with a MIS for probation violation in Philadelphia or not showing up be felony in Philadelphia county specificly? I know this is somewhat similar to the question i asked earlier but if its a felony it would more likely be input into the NCIC and be extradited from texas rather than if it was a MIS. for not showing up and more than likely NOT put into the NCIC.


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The best general advice I can give you is to show up for your probation meetings and fulfill any and all requirements. Otherwise you can face potentially serious penalties as you are aware of by your posting.

Seek the assistance of local competent counsel with regards to leaving the probationary zone for a family emergency.

Best of Luck!

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If you fail to appear for your probation meeting, you will have a warrant issued for your arrest for absconding probation. This is not classified as a misdemeanor or felony charge, it is classified as a violation of the supervision terms of your original charge. The warrant unit would attempt to locate you and arrest you locally on the warrant. if they were unsuccessful, the warrant would then be placed into NCIC.

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