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Probation Violation in two counties . Cy is county below and HA is house arrest . Cy A is Tippecanoe and B is Hendricks

Lafayette, IN |

I was put on probation for a leaving a scene of an unattended vehicle and signed a plea with a year of probation in Cy A . After finishing 9 months of probation , I was charged with a first offense of felony of theft in Cy B resulting in the probation wanting to be revoked . After a month , I was charged again with theft in Cy A when I visited it . We already settled the prior case to 18 maths probation and I already did all the rest of the things required just the time left . I am still fighting the second theft case and they have been constantly moving the dates . My lawyer has been able to knock the plea from 3 to 2 maths HA . However , the dates have been moved due to court congestion . I am student and have actually completely changed as these were bad decision due to making bad feds .

What is the best scenario for my probation violation as the longer this is dragged on I don't know the outcome as I don't want it to affect me. I changed completely as I stop contacting those who dragged me down and moved closer to school. What is the worst outcome?

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Did I miss something, or were you planning on asking a question here ?


Court congestion is not an uncommon occurrence and results from the court having too many matters scheduled at a particular time/date.

Unfortunately, your submission does not appear to have a question associated with it.

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