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Probation violation

Redding, CA |

My stalker was released from prison on a 3 year stalking felony charge. He has already violated his probation 3 times, by continuing his stalking. He also has a GPS tracking device. He is currently in jail for 10 days, flash incarceration. What would it take for him to go back to prison? My concerns are that he is not allowed to enter into the city where I am living. he does not know my address. He has been testing out the perimeter of the city to see how far he can push the envelope. It is obvious that he is stalking because he went near a park, was on a street that he was not supposed to be on, he entered into my city, his probation officer warned him, a few weeks later he entered into my city, approached my friend at a store and talked about me and my daughter, and again entered my cit

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Call the police. It sounds like his activities place him in violation of his parole or probation. If you get no help fro the police (I think you will) call the victim's assistance office at the DA's office.


I cannot really offer you any advice as a criminal defense attorney other than to share your concerns with the local authorities because how to proceed will be up to them.


Sorry to hear about this. Call the police. There is certainly a protective order in your favor and it appears he has violated it. Talk to the police immediately.


I agree with my colleagues--you need to contact the police.