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Probation Transfer from Harris County; Is a FAXED letter to the PO considered an official transfer?

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My brother is living in Houston TX alone (moved to go to school ended up in trouble and dropped from roster), he is now homeless and we are trying to move him back to GA on an emergency basis. His probation officer keeps changing, and the new officer is extremely difficult. He attempted to give a notarized letter seeking a transfer, and she advised that he needed to give it to the judge when he reviews his probation status? I feel like this is a setup and from what I reviewed online it is not the process. Can anyone tell me if a fax will serve as an "official" notice/request to transfer? So that he can show proof of his efforts to get this information to the judge. Any other advice would be helpful or if there is a attorney service that he may be able to work thru for cheap thnx you!

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In order for his probation to be transferred to Georgia, Georgia has to agree to supervise him (they can refuse). His case remains in Texas but his probation is supervised there. There is paperwork that has to be submitted from the Harris County probation office to GA under Interstate Compact. See if you can speak with a supervisor about the procedure for expediting the request. An attorney may be able to help by asking the judge for permission to allow the move so the paperwork can be done, but we won't be able to do much. Our role in this is pretty limited; this is the purview of supervising officers.

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No, that will not be enough, however it will show the efforts he is making. He can call the court clerk to see what he would need to do to go in front of the Judge to see about getting transferred or speak to the PO superior to see if that gets him anywhere. An attorney would be more helpful, however you would simply have to call around to check prices or use the find a lawyer tab to contact some local attorneys. Hope that's helpful.



Thank you very much, I will get started in this direction.


If Harris County approves the transfer request, Georgia still has the final say on whether he can move there. And unless it qualifies as an emergency transfer, he'll have to stay in Harris County until Georgia makes their decision.