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Probation termination possibility or is it a trick?

Atlanta, GA |

My probation officer has said that she asked the DA to terminate my probation early since I have been doing well. I have been out 1 year and have 3 more to go on probation. I am living out of state on a travel permit from probation, with my family. My officer says I will have to go back to GA., to the DA's office and sign some papers. I thought only a judge could reduce probation. I am afraid they are trying to get me there for some other reason and am not sure what I should do.

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Attorney answers 1


If you have not committed a new offense and if you are otherwise in compliance with your terms/conditions of probation, you should have nothing to worry about.

However I do not know what papers the DA wants you to sign. Perhaps your signature is needed to initiate the process. You might want to ask if the DA can email you the documents so you can sign them and have them notarized.