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Pertaining to probation in Pennsylvania for a dui. If one gets probation are they allowed to reside in a home that has guns locked up in a safe that do not belong to the person on probation? Also, is the person on probation permitted to leave the county, or are they restricted to staying in the state only? What are the regulation on staying overnight at another home?

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In Allegheny County the restrictions imposed derive from two sources. First are generally applicable conditions of probation that apply to all probationers and is provided in written form to everyone at the beginning of probation. The other source of conditions/restrictions come from the court's sentencing order. Such items were announced orally by the court at sentencing and can be found on the written sentencing order in the Clerk of Courts. Much of what you ask about has to do with where you live and whether you can travel. These questions should be addressed to you PO. If your PO grants permission to travel outside the country, you should make sure that your destination nation will not reject you entry do to your conviction or probation status. The issue regarding the guns in the residence should also be addressed to your PO. Staying overnight on occasion (as opposed to regularly) at another home seems to me to be a nonissue; you are required to notify Probation of any change or residence.



Thank you for your knowledgable response! What are the general conditions for leaving your local county if any?

William A. Jones Jr.

William A. Jones Jr.


As I mentioned, you should have a copy of the conditions that you signed when you first met with your PO. I believe it includes a prohibition on leaving the county without prior permission. Whether I'm correct in that belief or not, it makes sense to me for you to directly discuss these issues with your PO who will appreciate the fact that you are asking which is evidence of your intention to be compliant. Having a good relationship with your PO is critically important. You need to establish a reliable reputation with your PO. If you do that the demands made of you will likely diminish over the course of your probation.


Follow Mr. Jones advise.


That question has alot of parts to it. I do alot of gun cases in PA and what I can tell you is that the conditions of your probation dictate the terms. In most cases you are permitted to leave the county and the state and to stay at another person's home. You are required to report when told to report. The issue of the guns in the same house depends again on the conditions of the probation. You can call me and I can tell you more about that if you wish.

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