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Probation officer is being unfair and i have no recourse?

Camp Verde, AZ |

after a difficult decision to plead guilty to a crime i did not commit i went to check in with the probation dept fro a pre sentence report and was informed that the probation officer assigned to my case was out of town on training for at least a week and that i should wait at least a week and then call to scdule an appointment. all of this in camp verde 2 hours from where i live. i would have went and taken care of what ever i needed to do to comply with the court immediately but like i said she was out of town . so i waited a little over a week and called to find the rudest most brutal mean lady i had ever encountered on the line telling me she had already issued a warrant for my arrest. my dad put up 25000 cash to bond me out. i thought i was doing evberything to comply now what????????

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Call your lawyer ASAP. The sooner you appear in court the better. Your attorney should walk you into court and explain what happened. Most judges will understand as long as you do this immediately.

As far as the lady at the probation department being mean and rude: I think they get bonuses for being nasty at the probation department. Sad to say but this is very common. I don't know why and I cannot imagine going through life being nasty to people but that is exactly what they are like.

Call your lawyer!

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