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Probate court has just 'closed estate administrative' I am an beneficiary to this estate. What exactly does that mean? thanks

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This estate was opened in 2008. I have called the clerk and she said, in effect, the administrative part of the estate was frozen because the PR did not apparently comply somehow. I am representing myself for lack of money. I and the PR, as well as his lawyer are on very hostile non-communicative terms since the estate opened. My question what does 'closed estate administrative' mean? I assume it means that the PR is not allowed to follow through with the final distribution of the estate. My second question is - should I ask the court to remove him and appoint me or ask for a court appointee to finish the job. thank you much... Bill

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Hard to tell based on this information alone. However, as a beneficiary and if the PR is not performing, you might file a Petition to have the PR removed and someone else appointed.

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It's not completely clear from your question. But if they are telling you that the estate has been closed, it could mean that the judge has approved a petition to settle/close the estate, in which case you should be receiving your distribution soon. You can petition the court to remove the current PR if there are grounds to do so, but you couldn't serve as PR without your own attorney. In other words, it wouldn't be a do-it-yourself project.

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You need to hire an attorney to represent you, if this is something you care about. I can only guess as to why the estate was close administratively. You may be able to figure it out if you are able to get an on-line docket, or go view the file.

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