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Probate: How to find information about deceased if you suspect fraud from executor?

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My sister is the executor of the state of my father's estate. the house only four months on the market went for 157,000 the worth twice that. The lawyer knows nothing of my father's investments. We My brother and I seen him, 2/15/13, I asked the lawyer, if I could use his firm to get the information,he said yes. I am suspecting fraud on my sister part. I don't think she gave the lawyer everything he needed for this probate of estate. We (siblings) now want to investigate my sister. I am trying to uncover as much as possible. legwork is hard. but we want to see what we can uncover before going to a professional. although, the rest of my siblings think the lawyer is in on it. I think he just know more than what he put on. just enough to cover his tracks. Case is in Mont. Co PA.

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You need your own lawyer. The lawyer for the estate represents the Personal Rep as fiduciary. If you think the fiduciary has breached his or her duty, then you need to hire your own lawyer to flush that out and take action. The PR"s lawyer will not help you do this and only may have a duty to disclose bad things along these lines in extreme circumstances, and that would be to the tribunal more so than to you, depending on the nuances of state ethics laws. Bottom line, hire your own lawyer for this.

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I agree with Mr. Kalamaros that you should get your own lawyer to advise you on this matter.

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