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Probable cause for a traffic stop

Las Vegas, NV |

My friend and I drove to Vegas from out of state . We drove his obviously older private limo . We went to dinner last night and were driving home at about 10 pm . I made a right . A COP was sitting at the opposing light . He pulled beside me at the next light . As I turned on to VB he moved behind me and the pulled me over . His initial question of me was why the car had out of state plates . There was no accusation of speeding , failing to yield or any other moving violation . Tags are current . Another officer began interrogating a passenger asking for their ID . Finally they made an out right accusation that we were operating a limo to transport prostitutes . Eventually we were let go and no tickets were issues . I spent 4 semesters in law school . Where is the probable cause for the stop ?

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Based on your facts, it appears that the police had no reasonable suspicion to stop you. However, there is no real relief unless you can pursue some form of civil rights violation which is very difficult (not-applicable here) and cost-prohibitive.

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It appears that your 4 semesters of law school paid off. Your fact pattern does not seem to suggest the officer had probable cause or reasonable suspicion to stop you. Perhaps the officer might argue that limos in his jurisdiction are required to have a sticker or some other form of identification (similar to the tags on your license plate) and your limo didn't have such a sign. On your facts alone, it sounds as if maybe the officer was trolling for prostitutes and older limos tend to be the best fishing grounds for that type of fish?


Could be a bad stop


What remedy do you expect, though?

As a matter of fact, a limo here without local tags, in that part of town, very likely *is* engaged in something it shouldn't be--but that alone is not reasonable suspicion (and if it were, driving on Friday night would be reasonable suspicion for DUI!)