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Pro Bono Murder lawyer

Dixon, IL |

I am looking for a lawyer to handle my husbands Murder charges Pro Bono, If anyone knows of anyone that could help, help would be greatly appreciated. He has a Public Defender however the PD wont even reply back to his letters. I dont want him going to prison for 20-60 for something that he did not do! He is in La Salle COunty right now.

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All lawyers have an obligation to take on pro bono work. A murder case is a special circumstance, but not impossible. I would be willing to discuus your husband's situation with you. Please contact me this week for a consultation at 630-323-2875.


I understand there's frustration, but when you're dealing with a Class X felony, who would you rather have: 1) An experienced public defender who has been handling cases for years/decades, knows the courts, judges, and State's Attorney's by heart or 2) Some sucker fresh out of law school who hasn't even learned how to file an appearance yet?

This type of case may go one for months or years. It requires the utmost competency, and numerous hours of work. Most private practitioners have to set their life aside just to handle one of these from start to finish. If you can't afford a private attorney, you need to stick with your public defender, they know what they are doing, even if they don't stay in touch as often as you would like.

I'm sorry you are going through this extraordinarily difficult time, and I wish you the best.



But do the public defenders actually care if they win or lose?

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