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Pro Bono lawyers in Maryland for divorce

Columbia, MD |

Hi my sister has been a stay at home mom for 13/14 yrs. She was married for 10 of those & the years prior they lived together. They recently seperated. She has also been ill and is having a hard time finding work. He has agreed to pay for the rent but is basically turning her loose to fend for herself and there 11 y/o daughter.he is also on the new lease although he isnt living there. She has NO money, a car only a portion of the time when he drops it off, and he expects her to be able to support herself. She wants to file in court for a divorce and knows she can do it without a lawyer, but he has one and threatens that he will stop paying her apartment if she tries to get allimony.They cant agree on anything. She needs help! I help as much as I can but cant afford a lawyer for her.

Her story is long & I didnt mention that their daughter is special needs.The fact that they cant agree on anything is because he says one thing and does another, so when she thinks there is an agreement and is depending on it, the story changes.All she is asking for is $1500 a month & this is for to cover her rent of $1200 and have a few hundred to cover food. She is asking that he agree to continue this for atleast a year to give her time to find a job and get transportation.He keeps hanging it over her head that he will stop paying the rent.My concern is that he will stop because he has let a lot go and doesnt care about his credit.He left her with a $600 BGE bill and a turn off notice.If there is any resources for a Free or very low cost lawyer in the Maryland area? He has resources through a prepaid legal plan and his friend works in a law office she has been giving him advice.Anyways there are so many things about her situation but Id rather you here it from her.Thanks for your time :)

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Pro bono means "for the public good" so a private custody matter between battling parents does not qualify. Neither does a divorce case between two that cannot work things out. An hourly legal fee arrangment is more likely.

Many of us laywers do pro bono work to assist the homeless, aid local parks, represent issues of public concern etc.... A private litigation case does not benefit the public good.

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You may be able to find a lawyer to handle this matter on a pro bono basis, but another option is to see if your sister can hire a lawyer and have that lawyer request "suit money." Basically, Maryland law recognizes that both parties to a divorce should have equal access to legal representation and therefore allows the Court to award one party the costs of "reasonable and necessary" attorneys fees and other expenses (commonly known as "suit money") where the financial resources of the parties are unequal. It sounds like that very well may apply to your sister's situation. Please invite her to email me at -- I would be happy to offer her a free consultation on this matter.

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