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Pro bono lawyer for custody and maybe help w/divorce

Allentown, PA |

I am in pa and trying to divorce. I left with a pfa and no money we have property to divide but after he filed the divorce and I answered he will not get the divorce .I had a lawyer but can no longer aford one.Also he is fighting custody ,he was found in contempt of the pfa twice w/house arrest and they still are giving him 50/50 custody. lehigh county is very father oriented .i need a pro bono lawyer or one who will take a percentage at the end can you help? he has a history of violence the 7 1/2 yrs we were married documented.

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In PA you may be able to receive Alimony Pende Lite (support pending the finalization of the divorce) from your husband. This may include your husband paying your legal fees. You should contact your attorney and ask if you qualify and can receive APL from your husband.

Your court of common pleas may have a system in place to appoint Guardians Ad Litem for your children. This person is an attorney who represents the children. Those fees can be shifted to their father where appropriate.

If not, then you can call your local county bar association. May bars have a lawyer referral service which may include pro bono or discounted attorney fees.

However, the rules of professional conduct specifically prohibit an attorney from taking on a divorce on a percentage or contingency fee.

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