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Pro Bono Criminal Defense attorney

Orlando, FL |

My son is facing statewide prosecution for multiple county burgleries he is facing a minimum of 25 years in proson. He has a baby and mental health issues. He needs help ASAP he is currently in custody.

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If you can afford a lawyer,hire one immediately. Unfortunately, there is little likelihood that an attorney will hand,e the case completely free; however, many attorneys will reduce fees and allow for payments to help you. If you can do none of the above, your son will be appointed a public defender and you can discuss his mental health issues with him/her. Good luck.

John S Riordan, Esq.
West Palm Beach, FL

John S. Riordan, Esq., RIORDAN & HERMAN, PL., West Palm Beach, FL, (561) 650-8291. Mr. Riordan is a former Palm Beach County Prosecutor and an experienced criminal defense lawyer handling cases in both State and Federal Courts throughout Florida. The answer provided is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. You should consult an attorney for legal advice regarding the facts of your specific case and designed to help you with your personal needs.


Atty Riordan is correct. There are few of us that are independently wealthy and could afford to offer our services for free. The practice of law is a business and like all businesses must constantly be earning an income to pay expenses.

Robert Jason De Groot

Robert Jason De Groot


the pro bono criminal defense attorney you seek is called the public defender.


It is rare that an attorney would take on a criminal case (especially one such as the one you describe) pro bono. That is because if a defendant cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to him free of charge by the court. Let the court know that you/your son cannot afford a lawyer and the court will give you one.

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