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Privacy invasion, privacy spread,restrain order

Flushing, NY |

my ex-boyfriend married with a crazy wife.I had some very private material with my ex. now his wife hacked my ex's PC and send these to someone else also say she will spread them out. i feel very scary so i hired a lawyer to file a restrain order. the lawyer called my ex's wife that i will file a restrain order. after that, that woman called me from unknown #, try to stop me filing. Then, she text me her phone # and ask me to call her to talk. but i ignored that. today, the lawyer represent me to the restrain order's hearing(i dont go). but the restrain order didnt issued cuz that women lie to judge she never know me and she never send anything. i have that woman's text message and email copy she sent my privacy out. i feel so bad an order was rejected before i show evidence. what can i do

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Your lawyer may be able to go back to court to request reconsideration of the request for a restraining order in view of the new evidence. But you need to understand that Courts make decisions on these issues based on the evidence. Further, I am not so sure that the e-mails and text messages that you have are sufficient---they prove only that you knew the wife or your ex. However, unless they contain written threats to disclose embarrassing information, the e-mails and text messages may not help you. The time to go back to could would be if your ex-boyfriend's wife actually distributes embarrassing information about you---until then it will be hard to get a restraining order.