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Prior to initial decree , what would the court consider to reduce support for 1 child below 14% (due to financial hardship)?

Due to financial hardship, I am unable to afford counsel. Prior to my final divorce hearing next week, I’m greatly distressed due to the even greater financial hardship that would be imposed by the proposed monthly child support payments for my single child (based solely on the 14% of net income formula, with no consideration of extenuating circumstances). My income was cut in half a year ago, and is less than that of my child’s mother. My job requirements preclude me from obtaining any other work that might regularly supplement my income. I have no savings, nor any assets available to liquidate. As things stand now, less than half of the proposed monthly payment actually exists in my bank account at the end of each month after just the basic necessities have been met (housing, utilities, transportation, food, insurance, etc.), and having made no extraneous expenditures. Truly wanting to support my child, I desperately need to convince the court that, until such time as more gainful employment can be obtained (through salary increase, job change, or otherwise), my required monthly payments must be less than the proposed 14% of net income in order for me to survive.

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