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Preventing a Restraining order

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I have a subordinate in my workplace who thinks i was screaming at her in a discussion we had abt work. i requested her to let me complete what i want to say and not to interrupt me. she still interrupted me and i have to speak little bit louder to finish what i wanted to say. she said that i was screaming at her and replied that i am not screaming at her. there are two other people in the same room and one of them supports me that i was not screming at her. i never spoke to the fourth person about this issues and i dont know her opinion. I did not talk to her since then. we work in the same room. After a week, i heard her talking to someone over the phone about getting a restraining order. i heard her saying that "he was aggressive". i dont know if it is abt me. what shld i do?

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At this point there may not really be anything for you to do. In order for your subordinate to get a restraining order on you, you would have to be arresstted and charged with a crime. From what you describe I don't think that's likely.


She can't do much on the information you are providing. If that changes you should contact an attorney.

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You should go to your boss or your human resources department to ask for a meeting to discuss the issue and try and resolve it before it gets to another level.


On those facts you should not worry about a restraining order. She would need to be the Michelangelo of legal draftsmanship to allege a crime.

This is an inter-office-HR matter.

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I agree with Mr. Piccolo that you should go on record with your boss/HR about what transpired and what she has threatened. My fear is that she learns what is actually required to get an Order of Protection and embellishes her story. I would recommend starting a diary of any unusual interactions between you; it may help you in the future; as well as keeping note of what witnesses are present when there is any trouble.

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