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Premises Liability lawsuit

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I've told, I've asked and I've begged - that these men on the trash truck NOT stand on the back of the truck while backing down a 1,000 ft roller coaster dirt road -- I don't want to see hear or be witness to someone getting hurt or killed and of course I don't want to be liable (sp) -- I've called the company many many many times and have filed a complaint with OHSA -- how do I get it across to this company that is a safety issue with their workers

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Put it in writing. Possibly on your attorney's letterhead. Mail the notice to them by U.S. Priority Mail. That way you will have confirmation that they received the notice, but they will not have the opportunity to reject the mailing as do people who are sent the old fashioned Certified Mail. Always paper everything. Phone calls are a waste of time.

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you have done evrything you can to warn those involved. i wouldn't be concerned about being liable if someone unfortunately was hurt. you are a good samaritan!


Send them a certified letter


Perhaps you can take your trash and your neighbor's trash to the bottom of the hill to promote safety and good will? Then you will not have to think about lawsuits. Merry Christmas!



Dude - whos' trash have you been smokin'? . . DO YOU handle your neighbor trash? - give me a break . . what an effing idiot well, I know now NOT to hire YOU as an attorney


I agree either send a priority letter through the mail or make it certified. If you are that concerned perhaps hire an attorney to do the same.

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