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Pregnant and getting charged with DUI, blow test was inconclusive?

Wheeling, WV |

Was driving my extremely intoxicated boyfriend home from the Casino when I went over the yellow line while turning onto my street. The officers turned on their lights and since I was right directly in front of my house I pulled forward to parallel park into my designated parking spot. I rolled down my window and the officer started screaming at me saying that I had tried to run into his cruiser. I politely told him No, i was parking into my parking space. He told me that the car smelled of alcohol and I told him my boyfriend was sloppy drunk but I was newly pregnant and haven't been drinking. He had me step out of the car and take a field test. I failed all three. They took me to headquarters for a breathalyzer and the results were inconclusive. I cant afford a paid attorney WHAT DO I DO!?

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If you truly can't afford a DWI/DUI attorney, then when you go to your hearing, request a court appointed attorney. However, it is my strong suggestion that you contact a local attorney who is well versed, or ideally NHTSA Certified, in standardized field sobriety tests. Especially if they have a video of your tests, a good attorney can challenge your number of cues, or the validity of the tests due to improper procedure, induced false positives, etc.

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If you can not afford to hire an experienced DUI attorney, then use the public defender. That is a better alternative than trying to represent yourself in court on a DUI charge, which are complicated to defend. Also, I am concerned that you say the breath tests were inconclusive. Did they then ask you to take a blood test? And if so, did you refuse the blood test? That could potentially raise other issues if that's what happened. Good luck. Congratulations on the new pregnancy. Children are a gift!

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