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Preferred Platinum Plan - How to dispute?

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A phone sex line misled me into thinking that I was getting a better deal by giving them my address and name, instead of using my credit card. Charges were supposed to be $2.99/min. I got a bill in the mail saying that over $600 was owed because my credit card declined. Apparently, the charges are $7 connection fee, and $11/min for the services! I just got a call from them, but I'm not sure what to do. I've seen lots of abuse reports about them online, now that I've done research. They usually charge people with credit card fraud and deragotory credit report accounts! Someone was kind enough to say "Good thing your credit card was declined. If they try to collect, dispute it and report them to the Better Business Bureau and the phone company" How do I go about this?

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Let's see. $600 minus the $7 connection fee equals $593 or 53 minutes at $11/minute. That must have been some conversation. You can dispute the bill with the credit reporting companies certainly and the phone sex company cannot bring charges themselves, only the DA can. I doubt a DA would charge you under these circumstances. You have learned a valuable lesson in dealing with businesses that offer unconventional services. If you have evidence that the charge was supposed to be $2.99/hr I would calculate the 53 minutes at that rate and pay them although they probably can't enforce their contract anyway.


Dispute the matter by going to you credit card company. On the back of the card is a customer service telephone number for you to phone. Lay out the detail of your situation and keep a record. All papers that you have relating to this should be saved.

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