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Power surge from a transformer ruined 3 tv,s and my kids new x box utilitiy service denying my property loss claim

Huntsville, AL |

what can i do they are saying that the fault is on my side . The worker that perform a service check stated there was no problems at my service nor my panel in the house. What can i do?

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Attorney answers 1


This is a difficult situation because of the expense involved. If you can prove the power company was negligent and caused your property damage, they would be liable to you. However, proving such a thing could cost more than the 3 TV's and XBox. You would need someone to testify that the power surge was caused by the power company's negligence. It cannot be proven simply by circumstantial evidence. You could file a small claims case in District Court if the damages are less than $3,000 and see if they will pay you. Your best bet is to talk to them and see if you can persuade them to help you out and give you information that might help you. In talking to them, use honey, not vinegar - BE NICE and APOLOGETIC for bothering them.