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Power of attorney in Togo lome west africa and affidavit of oath from Togo high court

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I have a sincere relative in Togo lome west Africa with a desire to transfer a large sum of money into my account here in America the holding bank in Togo lome requires a power of attorney form signed and authenticated in Togo lome west Africa and an affidavit of oath from high court my question is what if any are the legal fees court cost and notary things of that nature is it possible to negate legal fees with forms pauperis application and can we just get the power of attorney form off computer and fill it out ourself and take it to the court without a attorney my question is do we need a lawyer or could we do it ourselves

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This makes no real sense. Anyone can transfer money to anyone else through banking channels. It almost sounds however, like this is some sort of scam, and perhaps the bank is looking to protect you from a somewhat LESS than 'sincere' relative.

A power of attorney is not needed unless someone ELSE is acting for them.

Is there something you're leaving out that would make this other than 'just' a funds transfer? You list this as 'probate' -- is this money from a deceased ancestor and your share of an inheritance? The bank may be wanting to see the Togo equivalent of letters testementary/ letters of authority before acting.

In any event, please understand there will be import and tax issues, and there could be issues with customs or other international treaties that need to be addressed before the transfer happens. It may help to contact a lawyer familiar with international law and/or the consulate office for Togo in the USA to try to clarify what needs to be done to finalize the transfer. Good luck.

This answer is offered for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney/client relationship. I am licensed to practice in Michigan only. Please seek competent local legal help if you feel you need legal advice!


You are being scammed. S-C-A-M-M-E-D. Ripped off. Taken to the cleaners. Cheated. Larcenied by trick. Flim-flammed. Huffle-buffled. Given the twenty-three skiddoo! Wake up and smell the coffee, my friend, these folks are peeing on your leg and telling you it's raining.
P.S. When they show up at the airport with the suitcase of cash, gimme a call.

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