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Power of Attorney

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If I'm currently out the country, can my agent/POA retain a lawyer on my behalf to fight a foreclosure suit? If yes, Will my agent have to go appear in court with the counsel?

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Yes, your designated agent can retain counsel on your behalf, if the power of attorney specifically gives that ability to your agent to do so. The retained counsel will be able to make the decision if whether the agent needs to attend hearings; however, it is unlikely the agent will have to appear, since the attorney is hired to be your represented party in the suit.

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I agree with the previous response. As long as your POA grants your agent the power take actions with respect to legal claims on your behalf, then yes, your agent will be able to retain a lawyer, and should be able to handle your legal affairs accordingly. Your agent won't necessarily have to appear in court with counsel. If your current POA does not specifically grant those powers to your agent, you could always execute an amendment to the document giving them the powers they need in order to serve in this capacity.

Hope this helps.

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Depends on the terms of the POA, but it is possible. The POA has to be effective as of now (and w/out your incapacity)

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If the power of attorney empowers the attorney in fact to hire counsel to represent your interests, then YES, your agent can hire an attorney; but he/she won't have to go to court unless he/she is testifying as a witness.

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