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Possible penalties for a 31 MPH over speeding ticket with an intermediate license?

Saint Louis, MO |

Around the beginning of April, 2013, I was driving on my way to school around 1:30 PM. I was pulled over by a Missouri State Highway Patrolman who stated I was going 91 in the 60 MPH zone. He issued me a "26 MPH or over" speeding ticket as well as a seatbelt ticket. I do not dispute this. However, due to it being Highway Patrol, I am required to be in court.What possible penalties will I face? I was 17 at the time, and have hired an attorney, and this is my first ticket.

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Hire counsel ASAP. In most Missouri courts, even when speeding a great deal as in your case, when an attorney enters an appearance the prosecutor and/or judge will reduce the violation to fewer or no points. It will cost you a couple of bucks but is well worth it not to have your insurance get increased etc.

Please feel free to call (314) 757-4861. I handle such traffic matters very regularly.


It depends on which county circuit court this is being prosecuted in. Some prosecutors will amend a ticket like yours to "Illegal Parking" and all you will have to do is pay a high fine and court costs, and you won't have to appear in court. In other courts, the prosecutor may refuse to amend the ticket and you will have to appear in court with your attorney to do a blind plea to the judge.

It's very difficult to tell you what penalties to expect when I don't know which court this is in, but you could end up having to complete a driving class, make a "donation" to the local school fund or crime scene unit, perform a few hours of community service, and serve a period of time on probation with an SIS (suspended imposition of sentence). With an SIS, the original charge of speeding will be dismissed if you successfully complete the probation period without receiving any more speeding tickets.

If you have already hired a traffic law attorney to handle this, why hasn't he or she answered your questions regarding what type of penalties to expect? I strongly recommend that you hire an experienced traffic law attorney who has handled your type of ticket in that particular court in the past. Such an attorney would be able to explain the possible penalties and fines in detail.

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If you hired an attorney, that attorney is in the best position to answer your question.

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