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Possible consequences for DUI conviction

Naperville, IL |

I was pulled over in Dupage County illinois. When the cop asked me to perform a breathalyser, however i refused. I passed the tests he administered outside my vehicle but i was still arrested for Illegal alcohol consumption(since im 19), zero tolerance dui, and speeding. It says on my ticket i will lose my license for 6 months! Since i did not blow is there any way of me getting the charges dropped or a lesser charge perhaps?

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You'll have to ask an ILL attorney about getting the charges reduced on this offense. You should know that in most states a refusal to submit to a chemical test carries penalties as bad as or worse than a dui. And that's especially true if your are under 21.


You have 2 problems. One is a potential suspension for refusing the breath test, which can be from 6-12 months. You may challenge this with an attorney. The attorney should be able to give you an idea about the chances of success after a full consultation. The second issue is the criminal DUI charge. This too can be challenged in court. I handle these matters every day, so feel free to call me at 630-665-8780 if you wish.


If you refused chemical testing and have a 6 month suspension, it sounds like the officer gave you a "zero tolerance" suspension rather than a "statutory summary" suspension. Unfortunately, that suspension cannot be challenged in court, but may be challenged with the Secretary of State of Illinois. You also face two class A misdemeanor charges before the DuPage county court in Wheaton, Illinois - one for the DUI, and another for illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor. You'll need the services of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Below is a link to my website where more information can be had.