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Possible Class Action: College denied me the financial aid I was awarded and is charging twice for classes I didn't attend

Alexandria, VA |

I was awarded federal financial aid, but the school did not disburse any of the funds,so my classes were dropped but was still charged me for classes I couldn't attend. The school's collection agent cannot get a response from the school. I've not been able to get anyone at the school who seems to know anything and keep getting bounced around. They keep saying the aid was stuck in their system. The VA state taxation dept. has now deducted those charges under dispute from my tax refund. I feel that this is circumventing my right to due process by it automatically assuming that the school's debt is accurate. The school still refuses to release the hold on my account. What can I do? It's happened to other students and we feel it's a scam

This incident only began when financial aid entered the circumstances. I paid for prior terms out of pocket. The financial aid has been deducted from my lifetime allowance even though I never received it. I feel the school purposefully did this to keep my aid and charge me for classes they knew I couldn't attend. The same has happened to other students only when financial aid is involved. It seems the school has found a loophole to pretend like it disbursed funds and still get the gov't to back it up and collect twice the payment. I've not had this problem with any other school

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Recommend you contact an administrative attorney (education attorney) and let that attorney review your documents. It's not clear from your post what is actually happening: a couple references you made don't jibe. Best if luck to you.

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