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POSS TO SELL SCH I/II,FLNTRZPM/GHB,(1ST What would a person b lookin at if charged while on probation?

Las Vegas, NV |
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The person could potentially be looking at a couple things. One, the person would be charged with a new felony for the new possession charge. Additionally, the department of parole and probation will most likely want to try to revoke the persons probation (if they are on probation out of district court). If the person gets picked up and taken into custody because of the alleged violation (new arrest) then the person would not be able to bail out before a probation revocation hearing is held (which could take a few weeks).


Your exposure is the possibility of being revoked for the probation case, in other words, you could have the suspended time from probation matter imposed. In addition, you risk the penalties related to the new charges. I recommend hiring the best lawyer money can pay for, and attempt a global resolution with the DA's office of both matters. My office offers free consultations.

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