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Posession with intent to sell (heroin) / Bench warrant on "closed case"

Las Vegas, NV |

My daughter's father was arrested for Posession with intent to sell, last year in November in Nevada and was released on bail. 3 Weeks later he was arrested in Utah for the same thing and served 6 months of jail time and then Deported to Mexico. The thing is that the day he was suppose to appear in court here in NV he was in a prison in Utah So I went on his behalf and was told at the information desk that the District Attorney had droped all charges and had closed the case. He came back into the US illegally as soon as the deported him which was in June. Last week he was pulled over and arrested for a Bench Warrant on the case here in NV, which is wierd because two weeks before than he was pulled over and the cop only gave him a speeding ticket . I just want to know what charges he faces

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You did the right thing the first time when you contacted the Clerk of the Circuit Court. They have all of the information on pending and closed files and can let you know what the charges are and if they are related to the case from last year.

Sometimes cases are dismissed by the prosecution if they believe someone is going to be imprisoned in another state for a long while and/or get deported. Most of the time they retain the ability to refile charges within the statute of limitations or some other period of time depending on how the case was dismissed.

John Yetter

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