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Polk county failure to appear in court..

Lakeland, FL |

i had a ticket for a drivin with a susp license i payed of my tickets & didnt go to court cause i thought i didnt have to.. WELL i got arrested and released with bond. I had a court date after that for my release I WENT and they reschedualed it i forgt to do because i became homeless and jobless within that same month i had court.. so THIS IS MY SECOND OFFENSE of failure to appear in court. I am a single mother of 1 boy and i dont have a babysitter..I recieved a letter from a PD and i found out that i have a warrent. BASICALLY.. What can i do to make my sentencing less than 3 weeks? HEL ME PLEASE

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You can try and get your PD to get you a deal before the warrant is served. Then maybe you could turn yourself in and plea at 24hr court or at the time of a Motion to Set Aside the Warrant.


I agree with the previous post. If your attorney can strike a deal with the prosecutor, i.e., for time served or probation, have your attorney file a motion to set aside the capias and schedule it for a hearing and also notice it for a plea. When you come to court, the court will most likely set aside the warrant, accept your plea, and the case will be resolved. Good luck.

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