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Pls provide honest answer aboutthe reality of being a father ans having parenting time. Will I be a part time dad for ever?

Denville, NJ |

Fd case, and joint custody. son is 4. SInce he was born i see him 8 overnights a month plus couple hours a week. I had to fight in court to get that limited time with my son and hear all excuses why I his father should not share more time with my only son. he will go to kindergarden; ex already is saying she will ask to delete my time with him. Will I ever spend more time with him? The true is that being few days and few hours is not really being a father. I want to drive him to school, make breakfast for him, do homework. I see a lot of parents are just part time, spend the weekend, go to chuckie cheese, eat somthing and wait another 15 days to repeat the same. Is that my future with my son? I just want an answer from the heart. What is the most common visits during school.

Just to clarify, spending more time with my son is not focus in reducing my CS. ex makes little money and the impact is very small. I really want to be a father and spend time with my son but I am not too optimistic that that will be truth. I feel that there is a huge legal wall between a father and a son. Everytime I talk to fathers around; most of them see their kids at very limited time and when the kids get bigger the really show a clear distance with the parents. To build a true bond you have to spend time caring for something that applies to plants, animals and human race

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I agree with Ms. Navarette. I don't know if it is already in the order, but you can seek joint residential custody with the mother. It sounds like the mother now has sole physical custody while you share joint legal custody.

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to get joint residential cusyody, is that difficult to get? based in my case only to get extta hours is very hard. i cant imagine to ask for more. always the excuses is too young ,break the routine, what is the main basis to get share physical residential custody?

Anthony J Van Zwaren

Anthony J Van Zwaren


Joint custody depends upon many factors, including things like distance between residences, where school districts are, and other factors. But unless there are issues concerning you, then I don't see why a father should not be entitled to having joint residential custody, but as mentioned, these cases are very fact specific.


There is no set rule for parenting time. You will need to file an application with a proposed parenting time plan and demonstrate why it is in your child's best interest.

973-984-0800. Please be advised my answers to questions does not constitute legal advice and you should not rely on it, due to the fact that we have never met, I have not been aprised of the facts in you case nor have I reviewed any documents.


Custody and parenting time cases are always very fact specific. Your question is a good one, but unfortunately not one that can be answered in a vacuum in a forum like this. You need to sit down with an attorney who specializes in family law, show him/her the pleadings and orders that have already been filed and strategize the best way to get more time with your son. (And GOOD FOR YOU, by the way!)

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