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Pls help, can someone who is DACA approved... (deferred action for young adults), file for another person?

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My friend's wife withdrew her form i-130 when immigrations questioned her.... I am DACA(deferred action for young people) approved, can I marry my friend and help them stay in the country?

Thanks for your feedback, I am grateful. However, the marriage between my friend and I is not just solely based on immigration benefits. I am aware that it is a serious crime. Probably it was the question was phrased, that caused such misunderstanding. Thats was why i posted it.We do intend to get married with or without immigration laws. Thanks

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DACA does not give you any lawfu status let alone the ability to file for anotherperson. Unfortunately, marriage to confer immigration benefit is not right. Please don't ask such questions.



its not for immigration purposes, we love each other and i don't wanna lose and his soon to be ex wife just wants to hurt him.



As my colleague mentioned, it is not possible for a person with deferred action to sponsor anyone else for any immigration status or benefit. Additionally, marriage solely to convey immigration status is considered fraud, which carries very substantial immigration and criminal law penalties. That may not have been exactly what you meant by your question, but please do be very careful what you post in public forums.

The best way you can help your friend is to encourage him (either with out without his wife) to consult as soon as possible with a licensed, experienced immigration attorney. He needs to find out whether he has other viable immigration options. For assistance locating immigration attorneys in their area, they can look here on Avvo, at, or

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Ms. Doerrie's answer to your question is general in nature, as not all facts and circumstances relating to the specific person(s) and situations involved are known to her. Ms. Doerrie recommends consulting with an immigration attorney regarding your specific facts and circumstances prior to making any legal decision or submitting any form or application. This response does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney/client relationship.


I agree with my colleague.

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