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Please tell me which forms and what i needto do to cancel a paternity hearing that i scheduled,i want to drop the whole case,sar

Sarasota, FL |

I have two children with exboyfriend,i filed for paternity/child support he refused to mediate so a trail/hearing was scheduled,i no longer can afford a lawyer and we have a time sharing plan,how do i get the case canceled and what paper work and proper steps do i need to take for the court date and case to be canceled,9418792666,sarasota fl.

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I would encourage you to contact the Department of Revenue right away. They can represent you on the child support issue without a charge to you. Additionally, I would strongly caution you against "dropping the whole case". If you cannot afford a lawyer, I am not sure how you can afford to raise two children without receiving child support. Support is for the benefit of the minor children and cannot be waived by the parent. Further, if at some time in the future, you would decide to re-file or re-open the case, you would be missing out on potentially years of child support that you could have used to support the children. Please think carefully and contact the Florida Department of Revenue immediately. Good luck to you.

Tami L. Augen Rhodes

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You may not be able to cancel the proceedings if a Counter-Petition was filed.

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Just because you cannot afford a lawyer does not mean the case cannot proceed and just because you may have a temporary time sharing plan does not mean it is enforceable by a court order until it truly is. I would recommend you consult with some local attorneys and even if you have to represent yourself, go through with the action so you are protected by court order and have child support established.

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