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Please tell me what channels to persue for Justice

Pompano Beach, FL |

Hello, to start from the beginning me and my sister walked up to DunkinDonuts. We noticed an Unmarked police cruiser on the way in (we only noticed because it was a Chevy Charger) we ordered our coffee and a friend came to pick us up. Apparently the tags on my friends car did not match the model-make-number and so he pulled her over. The officer who pulled us over saw me and my sister had just gotten in the car and had no sympathy he did not seem rude but very strict i could only compare him to a marine with PTSD even with the badge on his chest me and all my friends were in fear for our lives. The officer calls for back-up, on arrival the officers put us all in handcuffs without reading us our rights (id like to know if this is standard procedure) none of us were a threat or resisting in anyway; we were very compliant. Right after they placed us in handcuffs they began to search the car (my friend, the driver, asked if they needed permission or a warrant to search the vehicle i replied to her yes and before i could finish saying "without probable cause" an officer told to me shut my mouth. This same officer told me i was practicing law without a licence and began to refer to me as "lawyer man" when his attempts to get a reaction failed he began to spit on the floor next to me hitting me with spit mist (I am almost positive spitting in public was deemed illegal) The officer was disapointed he did not get a reaction so he took my lanyard for my house keys (my personal property) and began spinning it around his finger at whitch i asked to to leave my property alone and he REFUSED to which i said "if you break it are you going to pay for it?" he replied "probably not" i was so outraged with this display of disrespect i asked them to identify themselves and give me a badge number, the officers refused (all 5 of them) Please tell me what channels i can persue for JUSTICE

This officer...BULLY was using expletives the entire time speaking AT me

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Sorry to be so blunt, but this potential claim is virtually worthless as a lawsuit.

You may want to make an internal complaint to the police department. Don't worry about the lack of names or badge numbers; the department will have no trouble determining the identities of the officers involved in this detention.

But don't expect much action by the department. The officers will back each other up and even your version of the story does not clearly establish much significant misconduct. You have no basis for determining whether the vehicle stop and search were legal. Your remarks at the scene were intemperate and ill-advised and department investigators will conclude that you were purposely provocative.

There is no law or rule that officers must provide ID's or badge numbers at the scene in the middle of a group detention. ID's are available via the reports in the reasonable and regular course of business. So, although you feel outraged, your complaint just doesn't add up to much.

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