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Please tell me how to get this penalty payment from the attorney. The insurance carrier paid late - therefore a penalty payment

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was needed, according to the attorney. The attorney has never worked on this, avoiding my calls etcetera .... I reported him to the Bar Assn. in California - and last week he said give him two days to find out and draw the file. They gave the excuse as being short staffed.
what do I do now.

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Your post is somewhat vague about this penalty payment. If you are saying that you personally suffered a payment penalty for not paying something on time and that happened because the insurance company payment was late, then you may not have a claim against the attorney unless you can prove that the late payment was directly the result of the attorney's failure to act in accordance with the standard of care of attorneys with regard to processing the payment. In other words, the only way to get damages caused by an attorney is to prove that either the attorney breached a contract with you or that he committed attorney malpractice.

Good luck to you.

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I have to agree. Your post doesnt really provide any useful facts to help us understand the nature of the claim, what happened, or what the outcome was. I am sure there are plenty of attorneys on Avvo that would be willing to discuss this with you, but we need a little more information.

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