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Please I need a really good lawyer in Miami, Fl concerning immigration and citizenship !!!!

Miami, FL |

I have my citizenship interview in Nov.28 and just was charged with a felony. I want to know how to proceed with my case!!!! Please if you know someone really good in this matter let me know right away!!!

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Call the Florida Bar or AILA.

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You need a good criminal defense attorney with experience in immigration issues. Mary Kramer or Art Rio's office might be able to suggest someone. Also go to and see who in your area has crimanl and immigration experience.

This is a general answer only and does not imply that I am your attorney giving advice with full knowledge of all the particulars of your case or that there is any attorney client relationship. I strongly urge you to retain experienced legal counsel who can better advise you once they have reviewed all your documentation and are fully apprised of the details of your case. Rebecca Black Immigration 5800 Beach Blvd. Ste 203-176 Jacksonville, FL 32207 904-999-4928 Tel & Fax


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