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Please help me. if you could answer the below questions i am asking on behalf of my hopefully-soon-to-be fiscal sponsor.

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hi. i have started an awareness project that is international (esp. australia) even tho i live in new york city. i decided upon a wonderful organisation that wants to be my fiscal sponsor. i would like to give him the answers to his questions which i interpret as: since he is a ny 501-c3 can he accpet international donations and what has to be done to allow for that if anything? these are his exact words: Hi Jennifer,

If you could ask your lawyer about a Nonprofit accepting donations from other states- what the legal requirements are for the Nonprofit. How does it work with other countries. I can locate a pro-bono lawyer to help with this if you don't have luck with your lawyer.

Have a great day!

of you could please help me. i do not have moeny. and i need this sponsor to move forward.

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Sorry this is really unclear. Who wants to give money to who and why do you need a sponsor? Why not set up your own non profit?

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I agree with my colleague. That description is useless, and I have no idea where to start to answer. But, I do know what you should do. Your "sponsor" says he can find a lawyer to address this issue pro bono. What you need is a lawyer to clarify and then respond to your questions and plan your charitable entity. Take your friend up on find a lawyer to sit down with you and define the issues.

Reading an answer on the Internet does not create an attorney-client relationship. You are represented by me when we have both signed a retainer agreement (on paper or electronically) and some money has changed hands. Usually, you will have been asked specific questions about your situation and all potential conflicts of interest will have been resolved. Until then, you have no more right to rely on this answer than if you read it in a novel.


Your question is a bit confusing. I do not really understand what you want to accomplish. DO you want to open a no-profit in Australia? If that is the case, you need to talk to an Australian attorney. Certainly an Australian no-profit should be capable of receiving donation from the US. In any case, please clarify your answer. Best.

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