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Please help, questions about probation and shoplifting.

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I was caught shoplifting alcohol under age, I am also on probation. The security said they would "not waste the cops time" so I was released to my parent. No police were involved at all. But I do intend to pay the civil demand. My questions are: 1.What are the chances they will press charges, considering they did not call the cops on spot? 2.I get off probation around Febuary 2nd. If they do press charges, around what time frame would the police find out? Would I be off of probation by then? 3. If they did not press charges is there anyway a judge could find out what happened during court? Thanks in advance to your help. I am very stressed this will result in jail time.

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It is not likely that they will pursue charges if they indicated they wouldn't and they sent a civil demand. Jail would have been more likely if they would have taken you in cuffs right away. As far as order, the police would actually write the report from the victim's statement, and then submit it to the county to "press charges" against you in juvenile court, so the police would know first. You will probably be off probation before any appearance if they do start.

Anything is possible regarding your probation, so I can't really speculate. It could be that the juvenile court magistrate doesn't find out at all.

There's a surefire way to stay out of jail though: stop breaking the law intentionally, and don't hang out with bad kids.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.


Generally, the store is more interested in getting the property back or reimbursed. Under the circumstances you described, it does not appear the store is going to pursue charges so there would be no probation violation. However, you may want seek some assurances before paying the demand. Otherwise, the prosecutor may be able to utilize any statements you make accompanying the demand as evidence in criminal court.

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Thank you for your response.... It has almost been two weeks since the incident and no sign from po or any officer. do you think they pressed charges?


There are statutory damages for shoplifting, which, if I recall correctly, are the cost of the item and $100-$250. There is also the possibility of attorney fees being awarded. Settling for $100 might not be a bad option, and you can let them know you need to hold off until your probation is concluded to agree to anything in writing. This should take care of civil liability and protect your probation status.