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Please help.. I have a suspended license and it seems like ive been jumping through hoops for a year now

Tampa, FL |

I had an abundance of tickets in Fl in 2006. I paid half of them but I still have 5 tickets for running a toll and 1 for driving w/ suspended license without knowledge. I now live in SC and am trying to clear everything up in Fl to get my SC license. I have requested a court date, and affidavit of defense and im being told to purchase d-9 clearances. If I purchase the D-9 clearance does that mean I can get my license reinstated until my court date

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This would require me having your drivers' license information. If you contact my office, I would be more than happy to review your license status and let you know what you need to do to get in compliance so that you are in a position to receive a valid South Carolina license.


The first thing you should do is obtain a recent copy of your driving record. You can purchase your driving record on line and in real time from various companies in Florida for a fee. Links to such companies are provided on my web page listed below. The next thing you need to do is seek out a consultation from an experienced Florida suspended license attorney. A suspended license attorney in Florida can help you determine why your license is currently suspended, and help you avoid any additional suspension by entering a plea to the pending case for driving with a suspended license without knowledge.

Is your license only suspended for failure to pay tickets, or do you have any additional suspensions?

By paying "half of the tickets" you are entering a guilty plea to those offenses. If those tickets were for moving violations such as speeding or running a red light then points are assigned to your driving record. Those points may cause a suspension, especially if you paid 5 tickets for 5 moving violations. Under Florida Law if you receive 12 points within 12 months you will receive a 30 day suspension. If you receive 18 points within 18 months you will receive a 90 day suspension. If you receive 24 points within 36 months you will receive a one year suspension. Furthermore, one of the offenses you mentioned that you have not paid yet is for driving with a suspended license without knowledge. That offense, even though it is a civil infraction, could cause a five year suspension under Florida law as a Habitual Traffic Offender if you have two other such tickets that you paid for driving on a suspended license without knowledge.

The worst thing you can do is go to court or pay the tickets without understanding what effect those tickets will have your privilege to drive in Florida or South Carolina. Many Florida ticket attorneys offer free consultations over the phone if you fax them a copy of your driving record. Having an attorney represent you may be helpful in getting some of the tickets dismissed or getting the fines lowered.

My website provides more detailed information on suspended license offenses in Florida. The link is provided below.

You should work with an attorney to develop a strategy to clear up your Florida driving record. That strategy would also require a consultation with an attorney in South Carolina to determine what effect the Florida tickets would have on your ability to get a license in South Carolina.