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Please explain robbery inflicting serious bodily injury

Pittsburgh, PA |

Son is being charged with Robbery- Inflicting serious bodily injury. I do not understand this because nobody recieved serious bodily injury let alone any injury at all. There was a toy gun involved and no money was taken.

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You should talk to your son's attorney and see what the allegations are. Your son's attorney should get a police report at some time and you should find out what is going on.

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As I explained in my response to your other posting at I believe the PA statute allows the threatened use of a weapon to suffice to establish the 'serious bodily injury' element of the offense. The fact that it was a toy gun, will most likely not be a determining factor in whether the State can establish the threatened use, at least as far as the robbery charge is concerned. As my colleague suggested, you need to discuss these issues with your son's lawyer, or another lawyer licensed to practice law in PA. Good luck.

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