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Plea bargain question

Beaumont, TX |

is there a plea bargain where I can sign a form affidavit or some kind with the prosecutor stating they will drop the charges but if I'm ever in a such situation they can use my signature against me.

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You should consult an attorney about the details of the offer. It sounds like the prosecutor has offered you a deferred adjudication or a deferred disposition. These have technical legal requirements and will impact your rights in the future, so please consult an attorney before agreeing to such a deal.


Washington Attorney Williams has good instincts. What you describe sounds like it MIGHT be a Texas pre-trial diversion agreement. But, really there is no way to know for sure without seeing the document. So, it could be something else. That's one reason you need a criminal defense lawyer assisting you. If you are too poor to afford one, ask for an appointed lawyer. People who are viewed by the court as indigent are entitled to a lawyer's assistance if a jail or prison sentence is possible...which in Texas means county court or district court. If you can afford a lawyer, then hire one. It's important.

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In the case of a diverson plea, I have heard of this; that is, if you have agreed to enter into a deferral of prosecution agreement, and in the interim you commit another offense or don't complete the terms of the agreement, the prosecution can resume and proceed directly to sentencing. You really should discuss this with your attorney.

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