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Plaintiff refuses to respond to production of documents request on how a debt was calculated.

Rowlett, TX |

I am being sued for a credit card debt in small claims court. The account is mine but I have no paperwork of my own to verify the amount.

The plaintiff objected to my request for itemized statements to demonstrate how the amount was calculated in my Production of Documents request.

They did provide a statement from the original creditor, but not how the debt was compiled. This company has many complaints against it in the FTC for unsavory business practices and I simply do not trust them.

What are my options?

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From the way you wrote the question, this appears to be suit by a debt buyer. If the records produced are not quite what you were looking for, it may be the debt buyer doesn't have them or does not wish to spend the money to get them. You could file a motion to compel production asking the court to force them to produce or admit they don't have the proof. You may also have strong procedural defenses to this claim and should get an attorney experienced in credit card debt issues. Try the link for an attorney in your area to assist you.