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We purchased a vacation package for my family (5 people includes my sons) through a travel agent and canceled it 15 days before the trip due to me was hospitalized. The tour company has refunded the agent for our cancellation but the agent refuse to refund that money to us. We are going to file the case to small claim court. I am not good in English and cannot speak too much in the court. Can my son (22 year old) be the plaintiff for the case? Is there any difference who to be the plaintiff for the case?

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Only the person who bought the tickets has the claim, so if that's you, then you're the plaintiff. You can't be represented by a lawyer in small Claims court, but you can have an interpreter.

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The proper person to sue is the person who paid for the trip. Also, you probably want to try writing a letter to demand your money back, as that may work quicker than a suit. Also try talking to other people at the travel agency. You may have your son come as a witness.

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