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Plaintiff opposed my motion in a civil case , but has served me with less than 9 court days before motion hearing.

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Do I have any recourse in invalidating the Plaintiff's opposition to my motion on the grounds of him violating the rules of the Court where he hasn't allowed me enough court days (the local rules say to allow for at least 9 court days when serving opposition to a motion) to prepare a reply? Do I essentially file a reply and mention this very fact in the reply along with other statements objecting to his opposition, or can I object in a more expedient manner? Also, I have never filed a reply to an opposition to a motion, and am wondering if I have to pay a fee to file it. I paid $60 for filing the actual motion, but have not seen any fees posted for filing a reply. This Court is in California. Thank you very much for any information you may provide.

This is a Motion to Strike Interest and Attorney Fees in a consumer debt lawsuit. The motion to strike was filed on the grounds that the Plaintiff's complaint asked for Attorney fees and interest, but the Complaint itself had no supporting evidence that would show that Plaintiff was entitled to attorney fees and interest.

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In addition to Mr. Chen's fine comments, I feel I should point out that you will have to state facts which show you were prejudiced by the late service of the opposition: merely alleging prejudice will not suffice.

The best practice, frankly, if you are able to file a timely reply is simply to do it. Court's prefer to decide motions on the merits after full briefing. If the motion was also filed late the court may simply disregard it, particularly if it was late by more than 1 or 2 days.

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Michael Raymond Daymude

Michael Raymond Daymude


Instead of "If the motion was also filed late" the phrase should read "If the opposition was also late filed."


You don't mention what type of motion this is.

You can file a Reply to Opposition stating that you are prejudiced by the fact that the Opposition is untimely.

There is no additional filing fee for filing a Reply.

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Mr. Chen and Mr. Daymude have, collectively, given you the good advice you need.


The opposition must be filed and served 9 court days before. If mailed, it should be in a manner that would assure delivery the next day. Thus if you recd the OPP 8 days before, it is timely. You can object to it in your Reply, but I think it would be a mistake to rely upon the hope that the court wont consider the OPP. Obviously if they didnt serve it until 1-2 days before, that is likely prejudicial, and the court would either ignore the OPP or continue the hearing to give you more time to file a Reply. The court has the power to ignore late papers, or to consider them. In my experience, the judge will usually consider them. No fee for filing the reply. Your reply shouldnt re hash your motion, but should address anything in the Opp that you feel is wrong, misstated, or distinguishable.



Thank you for such an informative, well thought-out answer.

Robert Bruce Kopelson

Robert Bruce Kopelson


you're welcome, good luck.


I agree with both of my colleagues. Mention in your reply that opposition was filed late, but also attack some of the substantive points made in the opp, if there were any. Then, argue it in court in front of the Judge and see what happens. Some Judges are more strict about filing deadlines than others, so kind of depends on the Judge.

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