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Physical child abuse does my mother need an attorney after a 1 year &1/2

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its been a year and a half since my siblings have been taken by CPS and detectives have just started asking my mom questions is this normal that they took so long. should she get an attorney they said it was just to close the case but we are really worried they're lying she hit four of my siblings with a belt they had marks and bruises one of them had an open wound what should she do. she does not want to go to prison and the children express they want to live with mom and CPS has set a date for family reunification for July of this year she has had psycological therapy and parent aid and parenting classes.

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The only time it is good to speak with a cop without an attorney present is if you are approaching the officer with an emergency. Anytime a cop approaches you with questions, it's never a good idea to speak with him or her. The officer is probably honestly trying to close the case...with a conviction. Your mother has a right to remain silent. She should use it.

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