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Photo radar ticket in Phoenix - regulations and ways to fight?

Phoenix, AZ |

I saw the flash go when I was driving on I-17, I was going at 66 and I had thought it was 65 speed limit. It was actually 55. I am not sure how the rules work in Phoenix, would they actually mail a ticket for this much over and how much will it be? What are my options to fight this ticket? I am visiting from Canada so I wouldnt be able to attend any court session in Phoenix. This is a rental car. Please advise!

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The State is going to have a hard time enforcing the ticket against you as a Canadian. Since it was a rental car they will mail the ticket to the rental agency. The rental agency will probably then identify you by name and address and send the ticket back to the State. The State will then likely mail you a ticket at the address you gave the rental agency. You are not obligated by any law to response to a ticket you receive by mail. If you don't respond to the ticket, the State may then try to personally serve you. They have 120 days from the date of filing of the ticket with the court to serve you, after which time the case is subject to dismissal. I'm assuming your address is in Canada so they not even make this attempt at personal service, in which case, the court will eventually dismiss the case for failure to serve. But assuming you are somehow served personally, then you can decide whether to pay the ticket (probably around $280) or fight it. My intuition tells me you will never get served and that flash will be just a passing memory before too long.